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About Us

Tropical Pallets, Inc. began in 1984 as Lesteiro's Used Pallets in Miami, Florida. Later in 1991 we changed our name to Tropical Pallets, Inc. With over 65 years of combined experience in the industry buying and selling pallets, we now can have the capabilities to serve the entire United States. Still, we are constantly improving and growing to be able to best suit your pallet needs. We provide service to grocery warehouses, citrus growers, produce packers, furniture manufacturers, large flower distributors as well as many other industries.

Our facility is equipped to create a pallet program that best suit your needs. As a certified heat treatment facility, we currently meet all ISPM 15 requirements for wood packing material. We pride ourselves in being green and recycling in all of our three facilities.

Here at Tropical Pallets we use our experience in the industry to provide the best possible quality in our pallets and serve our clients with exceptional service. We are committed to serve our clients with outstanding service for all your pallet needs.